Hello, my name is Claire Allred.

I grew up in Northern Utah with my four sisters. My husband says every time we get together at my parents it's like being in a scene from Little Women. My dad grew up farming but bought a tractor dealership and worked with farmers all growing up. Let's just say I know my way around a manure spreader. My husband grew up working for farmers in this neighborhood; planting and harvesting and helping with cattle. He also worked with mustangs and his family raised pigs, cows, and other livestock occasionally. 

Nate's grandparents retired in West Layton on a ten acre farm and we were lucky enough to buy his grandma's old farm house. We would've loved to remodel it, but sadly it was too old and the foundation would not support any additional weight, so we built a new house in it's old footprint. We were sad to see such a cool piece of history go, but so excited to start creating new memories in such a picturesque setting.

My grandma was an amazing cook, and passed that love of food and good cooking onto my dad and his siblings, and to me! My older sister is also a major foodie and got me into really enjoying good food and thinking about where our food comes from. I created this little space as a way to share my love of food and sharing good recipes with friends.